С. А. Денисов


Russian conflictology has put forward the paradigm of the main contradiction of the modern world, which can turn into the main conflict of modernity, which determines the development of this world. According to the author, such a conflict today remains the struggle between the bourgeois and administrative socio-economic system. The article describes the model of administrative society and the state. This struggle began with the era of bourgeois revolutions. It reached its highest level in the twentieth century and took the form of a conflict between the camp of «socialism» and the camp of capitalism. Today, it is going through another historical stage. The article describes the parties to the conflict at its current stage. The administrative world is represented by the leaders of the countries and the ruling group. The bourgeois world is represented by politicians elected by society, who are dependent on the active part of the population. The struggle between the two socio-economic systems takes place in all spheres of public life. In economics, the bourgeoisie seeks to transform the world into a single market with the protection of private property, entrepreneurship. The administrative class seeks to maintain the state's dominance over the economy. In the social sphere, the bourgeoisie is trying to turn the administrative class into an obedient layer of bureaucracy. It seeks to impose on the whole world democratic standards of life and a republic with its domination of elected public politicians over the bureaucracy. The freedom of information movement allows the bourgeoisie to spread its views around the world and undermines the authority of the ruling groups of the administrative world. This conflict is not only international in nature. It manifests itself in the struggle between the administrative and the bourgeois class within each country. The main conflict of modernity does not eliminate conflicts between other groups and for other reasons, but significantly affects their character. This conflict is antagonistic in nature. In the twentieth century, the administrative system tried to destroy the bourgeois one. Today, the bourgeoisie has taken the offensive. The struggle between the two socio-economic systems is covered by the «fanning» of interreligious, intercultural and interethnic conflicts.


the main contradiction of modernity; the struggle of two worlds; the history of the conflict; the parties to the conflict; the spheres of the conflict


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