Р. А. Арзиев


In this article, public opinion is considered as an expression of public views and social unity on existence, life and events. Public opinion, in fact, is an expression of the views of the public, and in a broad sense, society and social unit on existence, life and events. Media centers are based on creative cooperation, support, public dialogue, the social and democratic functions of media centers are analyzed: relying on public opinion, encouraging the public to creative cooperation and achieving its social activation. In scientific literature, social democracy is interpreted as a positive reality, a model of development that corresponds to the dreams and aspirations of the masses. In this regard, rarely does anyone object to it or try to prove that it is a destructive, supernatural phenomenon. Social democratic views and norms promoted by Western liberal democracy are considered by all researchers as a positive reality. Since we are interested in the real situation and problems of the media centers of Karakalpakstan in shaping public opinion, it is natural that we study the opinions of respondents and independent bloggers. According to experts, public opinion requires the study of the opinions of subjects who put forward opposite or alternative opinions, and not the views of one side, and requires the definition of the essence of harmony, conflict and antagonistic approaches between them. Of course, global changes will not fail to affect the activities of media centers. Therefore, this article analyzes the impact of these changes on the Karakalpak media centers. The conflicts between Karakalpak media centers and public opinion were also analyzed against the backdrop of the events that took place in Nukus in early June 2022.


media center; public; social opinion; information; socio-democratic function; conflict


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