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Power, Modern Russian Opposition and Public Safety

В. Г. Бондарев, В. А. Белякова


The article analyzes the relations of power, opposition and security in modern Russia, solved the problem of determining stage in the development of this relationship, which is characterized by a decrease of the powerful radicalism of opposition parties, lagging from changes in property relations. Modern Russian authority has included in the system of state control private property, but it has maintained its presence in the ownership of mining companies, has built the entire control system of private property, based on the priorities and interests of the extractive industry. At the same time the manufacturing industry, aimed at the production of finished competitive product, construction and other sectors of the economy, fell into dependence on the policy of «oil and gas pipes». As a result of activities the bourgeois opposition (2011-2013) occurred tectonic shifts in the relations of private property, in the relations of the bureaucracy and the bourgeoisie. Authority became increasingly focus on interests of extractive industry, eased requirements for newly formed parties. Along with the positive aspects of the opposition movement in Russia were moments of danger transition of the peaceful revolution opposition into confrontation between the authorities and the opposition. before the state arose the question of the conceptual definition of public safety, the question arose inclusion of social and national conflict at the system of public administration related to public safety.


аuthority; public administration; public power; property; security; public safety; public security; conflict; opposition; peaceful revolution


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