Journal History

Quarterly scientific and practical journal "Konflikеologia" has been publishing since 2003, is the first and only Russian magazine that specializes in this branch of scientific knowledge as conflictology. Founders and publishers of the journal are the International Association of Conflictologists (Moscow) and the Fund of the conflictology development (Saint-Petersburg). "International Association of Conflictology" (IAC) - the union of public organizations and centers in Russia, CIS and other countries working on the study, prevention and resolution of social conflicts in the interests of peace and cooperation. Created under the auspices of the Center for Conflictology Institute of Sociology of Russian Academy of Sciences. Areas of activity MAK: conflicts in the areas of environmental, labor, business, politics, education and culture on the market, institutional, legal, international, international, regional, family, interpersonal and other relations. IAC includes sections of socio-economic, organizational, labor, political, public management, legal, ethno-national, regional conflicts. At IAC operates Information and Resource Centre (IMC) and the Research and Education Division - School conflictologist. President of the IAC is Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Chief Specialist of IS RAS Stepanov Evgeny. Website of the International Association of Conflict -

"Conflictology Development Fund" (CDF) - is non-profit organization established to promote the implementation of initiatives and projects aimed at the development of theoretical and methodological and theoretical and practical foundations of modern conflictology. Date of inception January 31, 2003.

The principal activities of CDF, in accordance with its statutory objectives are to assist in the organization and implementation of research, educational and practical programs and projects related to the development of the modern theory of social conflict management and resolution of conflicts and disputes, the diagnosis of conflicts of different social processes , as well as the prediction of possible models for their deployment in conflict forms of interaction. To implement these objectives tasks, CDF performs a contractual activity, forms expert groups, prepares and implements the negotiation procedures, conducts seminars and workshops, develops practical recommendations for optimizing the management decisions and conflict management.

CDF is a participant and organizer of a number of large short-term and long-term projects that have had and continue to have a significant impact on the enrichment and development of conflictological knowledge and practices.

Publishing activity of International Association of Conflict and Fund of conflictological development makes an invaluable contribution to the development of the domestic conflictology in the formation of cross-sectoral knowledge about conflicts and peace, conflict resolution technologies and the maintenance of peace, laying the scientific foundation for interdisciplinary analysis of social conflicts and peace.