Regulation of conflicts between migrant workers and local communities (regional aspect)

Ю. О. Сулягина


The article analyses the peculiarities and problems of adaptation of migrants to other ethnic environment. The vast majority of the subjects of adaptation are different categories of migrants, find themselves in a different socio-cultural environment; however, some Ethnography new culture «bring» to the territory of their permanent residence (representatives of indigenous peoples, irredentist groups). Integration of migrants should be considered in relation to specific local community — indigenous or old resident population. The inevitable result of a massive international migration be different ways of interactions migrants with the host ethnic majority and realized as on social-group and individual levels. The environment of migrant workers, the integration process which has to preserve the initial, pragmatic stage, is the most contentious, as in the national-cultural, socio-economic and criminal plans. The growing number of migrants, the inevitable processes of their integration in the host society, more migrantophobia, to give it a new impetus and a new role in public-political life. The unresolved and weak control over the processes in the environment of temporary labour migration in and of themselves are a significant factor that negatively tell on the process of adaptation and integration into the local community of people coming for permanent residence and living conditions already integrated groups.


migration; adaptation; adaptation strategies; regulation of conflicts between labor migrants and the local population; the local community; diaspora; social and psychological adaptation; «cultural shock»; socio-cultural environment; integration

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