Degrowth - transition to a new civilization

Ю. А. Лисовский, А. Н. Самарин, Л. К. Филонова


The world is choking under the yoke of the financial fascism, which became the main source of the United States of America. The country, itself backed into a corner, badly in need of new resources absorption, increasing its area of chaos on the Planet. Economic growth in the United States and other «developed countries» takes place exclusively at the expense of resource and environmental donation of developing countries, the prospect of closing them, as shown in another collaboration of authors of this text, «a vicious primitive economic growth». The current civilization living under the flag of an unlimited growth of all - the population, production, consumption, comfort... but permanent growth is impossible in principle on a planet of limited size - it’s elementary. The idea born of the need to increase the percentage of capital - parasitic structures created fraudulent pyramid scheme economy, living at the expense of borrowing from all other the world and the future. To maintain this pyramid must be permanent inflation of production and consumption. As a result of the present state of civilization is best described by the word «agony». Civilization came to the phase transition point. The fundamental change in the rules of life or the end - mankind is facing such a choice. Salvation Russia to turn off the disastrous path of growth among the first to go the other way with the best people in the world. Today’s challenge - to articulate this new way of Russia and the world, overcoming the stereotypes that led the world into the abyss. Absolutely unrealistic, deadly for man and nature concept of continuous growth to replace the idea of creating and maintaining a stable balance of needs of people and the planet’s ecosystem features.




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