The evolution of the ruling party and opposition parties in modern Russia

Б. А. Исаев


In this article using the partologo-conflictological approach, that is, through the struggle of parties and conflicts between them, analyzed the relationship of power and the opposition in today’s Russia. This approach includes such theoretical construct as the theory of polarization of party systems J. Sartori, the concept of internal and external origin parties M. Duverger, comparative analysis of parties and party conflicts in the first, second and third (modern) party systems of Russia and the concept of the «party of power», developed by a number of Russian partologes, including B. A. Isaev. Application of partologo-conflictological approach revealed characteristics of ruling party — United Russia, opposition parties — the Communist Party (CPRF), the LDPR, CP and the evolution of their relationship with the first election on a party basis (1993) so far. The article stated the phenomenon of change of antisystem opposition in Russia. If the 1990-ies, as the antisystem party has performed the CPRF demanded a change of political course and change the Constitution of Russia, currently its place took the protest movement or excessive opposition.


partologo-conflictological approach, parties; conflicts; «the party of power»; opposition parties; the evolution of the relationship of the authorities and the opposition; protest movement; excessive opposition


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