Political dialogue and the problem of legitimation of order

Д. А. Абгаджава, А. Б. Рукавишников


The stability and viability of the order as well as the possibility of its reproduction depend on the level of power legitimacy. Consent of the governed people is essential to legitimation of order; not a single state can exist without that. The process of ruling can be more consensual if there are possibilities and conditions for dialogue between the authorities and society. In this work the author focuses on negotiations as one of the most important ways to legitimize power and control social and political conflicts. Since the essence of democratic governing is to take into consideration the various interests and their reconciliation, the negotiation-and-dialogic model of interaction between the authorities and society proves to be an essential element to create conditions of trust and openness, and it reflects the essence of a democratic regime. Development of the agreed solutions that reduce the sharpness of social and political conflicts and resolves them can only be based on negotiation-and-dialog interaction.


social-political order; legitimacy; agreement; conflict management; negotiation-and-dialogic model


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