Review of the textbook: Isayev B. A. Geopolitics: the textbook for high schools. The standard of the third generation (SPb.: Peter, 2016. 496 р.)

Г. Г. Газимагомедов, А. И. Стребков


Тhe review analyzed recently released in St. Petersburg publishing house «Piter» tutorial B. Isaev «Geopolitics», successor to the training manual of the same name. In a new tutorial, traced the history of geopolitics, enlarged chapters on both the classic national geopolitical schools late 19th — early 20th century, and modern schools of geopolitics. Substantially expanded geopolitical dynamics section. More detailed the essence and structure of geopolitical processes, geopolitical paintings in the world and eras. A great deal of attention in the new tutorial focused on сonfliсtologiсal topics. Defines and describes the characteristics of a geopolitical and global geopolitical conflicts. Showing ways to resolve them. Emphasized the difference between modern and classical geopolitical conflicts. Reviewers claim that the new tutorial by Prof. Isaev carried out the increment of geopolitical and conflictological knowledge, an important step in the convergence of geopolitical and conflictological disciplines, offered the possibility of conflictological analysis of geopolitical problems.


geopolitics; geopolitical era and the picture of the world; the geopolitical conflict; the global geopolitical conflict


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