Т. В. Домрачева, Л. М. Низова


Investigated areas of risk of domestic violence against women in the family. It is for the country a serious problem, estimated by experts as one of the most important factors threatening the social stability of the Russian society development, and it reflects the disharmony and imbalances that exist in the relationship. Based on the views of scien-tists and scientific schools reveals the conceptual apparatus of domestic violence, and on the basis of the ranking of the opinions of the respondents in the sociological survey, the most common types of domestic violence against women, (such as physical, psychological, sexual and economic violence) and their underlying causes (alcohol abuse, financial and housing problems, hostility, low cultural level). A comparison of foreign experience (Sweden, USA, Canada) and domestic experience in the rehabilitation of women victims of family violence. On the background created the necessary legal framework, the system of the government response is fragmented, which pays insufficient attention to the prevention of conflicts, leading to domestic violence against women. Generalises practice of activity of the State institution of the Mari El Republic «Yoshkar-Ola city centre of social aid to family and children» to work with women in crisis situations. In this case, the authors found a causal relationship between state regulation, the activities of the centre and the level of domestic violence against women, which allows to develop a system of measures to reduce risk areas in the family.


family; woman; children; conflict; conflict zone; family violence; risk; prevention; rehabilitation


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