Е. Н. Иванова


The article is exploring the Bowen concept of differentiation as ability to value and specific in relation to mediation practice context. The meanings of two aspects of this notion as a process and as a personality quality in application to mediation are analyzed, correspondence of differentiation concept with other theoretical systems related to human relationships is considered. The effects of different level of differentiation both clients and conflict management specialists have are analyzed in connection with the role of conflict which is used by parties to help them compensate their low differentiation level. Connection between differentiation level with efficiency of realization of tasks conflicting parties and mediators are to re perform to get sustainable conflict settling. The risk of appearing in position of "triangled third" and becoming a conflict party and ways to escape this is analyzed. The technological possibilities of different mediation schools in developing and application of differentiation are considered. The methodological instruments of facilitative , narrative, transformative and system mediation allowing to tune mediator's personality to more efficient professional work to help overcome consequences of low parties' differentiation level are shown.


differentiation level; mediation; parties; mediator's personality; tasks; efficiency; mediation schools; technology


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