L. V. Shabanov, L. V. Smetankina


in this article the authors analyze the picture and symbol in a region of contradictions as the main. And conflict, as a particular case of the General. Semantically, these word-concepts have a wide spectrum of socio-cultural interpretations. These goals are not only theoretical analysis of the contradictions and conflicts, but the get-technology of scientific knowledge. The authors conclude that conflict resolution requires a clear alignment of hierarchies of meanings of the used word-concepts from the General «Contradiction» to the part of the General «conflict». The basis of this conclusion is the system of scientific knowledge creation through the hierarchy of categorical apparatus presented in the form of ontologems, epistems and gloss. 1) ontologemy included in a meaningful and conceptual base of science, i.e., discursive practices, based on the patterns and symbols that make up a certain subjective image of objective reality; 2) episteme explaining the basics of the database, techniques of thinking, i.e. knowledge — theorizing technology, calculated on the result for comprehension skills and meaning activities; 3) glosses — i.e. the agreement on the rules of distinction of the object's images. These categories are designed to give a description language for the science of «conflict Science», interpretation technology and cognitive elements of conflict knowledge, creating the most complete picture of understanding the phenomenon of «conflict» and its particular components — «conflict». This approach will allow avoiding narrow interpretations of conflict behavior, which can eventually regulate a private conflict, transferring it from the actual phase to the latent, which does not remove the contradictions that give rise to this conflict. The new view, proposed by the authors of the work, helps to build a conceptual scheme of conflict management and regulation on the principles of holistic approach.


ontology of contradiction; the episteme of the conflict; «discursive practice»; glosses


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