T. I. Korotkina, A. A. Melnikova


As one of the key concepts of conflict resolution, social tension characterizes a situation in which is clearly expressed (in the formation and dynamic development) of contradictions in interests and actions of people, social groups or institutions, or society as a whole. An integral part of this process is the increased opposition of the different actors in social interaction (of individuals and social groups), accompanied by increased discontent, de stabilization of social ties, and psychological tension. To successfully manage the dynamics of the society is to systematically obtain information on the status of its systems, and, in the context of the studied problems, it is important to regularly measure social tension for efficient prediction, prevention from the explosion of social tensions or conflicts, and finding optimal solutions. All this necessitates the development of theoretical-methodological and methodical bases of monitoring of social tension in social organizations at various levels that is tracking system exploring the state of the social process of comparison of results of observations in dynamics with the aim of obtaining views about their condition and trends. For the monitoring of social tension not less important is to develop the tools for such systematic tracking. As such a tool, the article presents the author's method of measurement «Questionnaire evaluation professionally difficult situations», which allows to identify which work-related social situations negatively affect the health and welfare of employees and to what extent; adversely affect the performance and quality of work, and to what extent; also a method to fixing the frequency of occurrence of such situations. In addition, the methodology included a questionnaire, to find out which method of conflict resolution people want to use to protect their interests. The article also describes the results of testing the methodology on the measurement of social tension in one of the engineering enterprises of the shipbuilding industry of St. Petersburg.


social tension; social interaction; monitoring of social tension; diagnosis of social tension; conflict situations for employees; reaction to conflict situations in the enterprise


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