Motivation and Stimulation of Labor as the Factor of Stability of the Team

L. A. Cherkasova, E. E. Smirnova


Motivation of personnel — the leading function of management process, along with planning, the organization, coordination and control. The efficiency of realization of the motivational mechanism influences effectiveness of the organization in general. The motivation of personnel is the main instrument for ensuring of optimum use of resources. In this connection, the main task of motivational process of personnel — to interest personnel in efficiency of the work, and not just to give an opportunity of satisfaction of his requirements. The head always has to mean an element of chance. For motivation there is no one best way, what is effective for motivation of one people, is absolutely unimportant for others. However, each person has the need, values, priorities, stereotypes which find reflection in the relation to work therefore the motivation of work has to have accurately individual character and also to be understood, accepted and transparent. In this article problems of the organization of motivation and stimulation in educational institution of the budgetary sphere are investigated the Conducted research gives the chance to reason that problems of increase in labor motivation have complex character and call for system approach at their decision. On the basis of the found regularities a conclusion about the leading direction of improvement of modern systems of motivation of work, including for increase in the standard of living of employees of the budgetary sphere is created.


work motivation; stimulation of labor; material and non-material incentives incentive model


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