Revolt of Engineers in the 21st Century: Conflict Field of Technological Innovation

E. E. Chebotareva


The article discusses the conflict between engineers as the professional community and their employer (state or capital owner), which starts its history from the beginning of the 20th century. The author deals with the concepts of engineering philosophy and attempts to define the modern concept of “engineer” with a purpose to understand the new role of the engineer in modern society. The article demonstrates the problem to define the concept of engineering and its connection with the concept of power, which inevitably leads engineers to competing relations with their employers. The article also examines the modern context of engineering, in its connection with science and capital, explores the tendency to merge the concepts of capitalist, employer and engineer. In addition, the author shows the contradictions of relations between engineers and society, expressed in the decisions of scientific policy, in particular, in the concept of “responsible innovations”. Strengthening the role of the professional community of engineers is shown in the context of a comparison of the conflict between engineers and capital owners and bureaucracy in the early 20th century (Author uses works of T. Veblen and E. Layton), and in the beginning of the 21st century (works of modern Western and domestic authors). The article touched upon the topic of influence on the society of modern blockchain technologies.


philosophy of engineering; engineer; innovation; conflict

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