Ukraine аnd Crimea Through Smoke оf Information War

Ю. А. Лисовский, А. Н. Самарин


Leading NATO powers, with the help of mercenaries from PMC, a coup in Kiev, where he led authorities to the Bandera neo-Nazis, who are now the main force behind the new illegitimate regime in Ukraine. And this mode is definitely not only directed against the vital interests of the vast majority of the Ukrainian population, but directly aimed at the creation of terrorist and military threats to the Russian Federation. It is essential that Bandera bosses have developed a program of ethnic cleansing that were to immediately start a massacre in Russian regions of the country, in order to provoke the expulsion of Russian population in Russia. . Threat to Ukraine as well as Russia, are becoming more obvious if we take into account the mass transfer of the West organized mercenary forces which was carried out a military coup in Kiev and beyond with their help you plan for the war in parts of South-Eastern Ukraine. And today every airfields Ukrainian planes land with foreign mercenaries recruited by private military companies of the West. Almost brought the country more than impressive buildings interventionists. Western intervention in the affairs of Ukraine, which began in late 2013, together with the further creation of small Nazi Reich at our borders, cannot remain unanswered by Russia. The leaders of neighboring regions even in Russia itself already started receiving threats from neo-Nazis on the Ukrainian side, not to mention that the repressive practices that last generously used in the East of Ukraine. In circumstances where an illegitimate government of Ukraine in fact unable to control led him to power destructive forces — rather see the opposite — the transition of power levers control extremists sound when threats against the population of eastern regions of the country and the Crimea, Russia, which until recently maintained neutrality, now just forced to intervene in order to protect as Russian-speaking Ukrainians and their compatriots in the border areas on both sides of the border.


leading powers; coup; radical nationalism; neo-Nazism; Мaidan; referendum

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