А. Н. Сунами, Г. А. Труфанов


In this article, the authors presented a modern point of view on the essence of the discourse of hostility in media and its influence on the formation of the negative type of image of certain social groups. The problem of using information distribution systems and communication technologies to implement a policy of installing of hostility allows us to state the relevance of research in this area. Recently, the model of confrontation and antagonism, “drawing demarcation lines” has gained significant popularity, making aggressive rhetoric the norm of social reality. All those aspects lead to negative changes in the interaction of individuals and social groups. Enmity in this case can materialize in entire propaganda campaigns to demonize various objectionable and dehumanize on a certain basis. Modern history has many relevant examples of artificial incorporation of the idea of enmity through the media, which is often transformed in reality into open protests, riots, and the articulation of hatred. Under the discourse of enmity, we will understand a special type of communication relations, through which individuals or groups are in the process of a long and purposeful confrontation with the subsequent destructive and negative result. This study attempts to analyze the role of the media as an agent and operator of incorporating the discourse of hostility. The authors concluded that the discursive practices of hostility present in the modern media space always correspond to the current, current political and social context by their results. As a result, we can say that their conflict potential is very high, which can manifest itself in the aggravation of contradictions between interest groups, both settled and unsettled.


conflict; discursive practices; mass media; enmity; enemy; contradiction


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