А. Ф. Нагайчук, А. Ахмедов, Н. В. Филатова


Moderation is considered in this article as a complex of social and political approaches. This article highlights the variety of aspects of moderation: essential, research, regulatory, and resolving. The actualization of different types of moderation relates to the problem of unending emergency and reproduction of the dangerous conflict forms, despite the existence of the diversity of modern regulating socio-political conflict technologies. Such dominant conflict management applied technologies as arbitration, negotiation, mediation, and facilitation are often inefficient in the regulation of complex and large-scale conflicts in the social-political sphere, because of the absence of deep and timely problem research, furthermore, the absence of technologies scientific development and conceptualization, useful for such regulation. This problem is particularly acute in the following situations: conflict active faze and escalation, non-availability of conciliation, complex and multidimensional conflict subject, global transformation of modern society values, constant mutation of various confrontation forms. Thus, the article aim is to analyze and find out the moderation potentiality in conflict research and regulation, along with attention to moderator and moderation stylistics. Moderation today is both a pedagogical, managerial, and research technology, able to solve not only the entire range of applied problems of modern conflict science, but to work with the conflict through the whole technology complex. The moderation can become the most optimal way to study and regulate various types and forms of conflict in socio-political interaction, because of its long practical experience in conducting research in the form of focus groups in different areas and situations, on a par of its serious scientific and applied social-political potentiality.


regulation; conflict settlement; conflict management; social technology; research method; moderation; mediation; focus group


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