А. И. Стребков, Г. Г. Газимагомедов, Н. Г. Смирнов, А. И. Мусаев


In the system of existing relations business has to adhere unconditionally to certain relations, without ignoring them and seeing them as the rules which turn business into the business. Simultaneously, business has to resist certain relations totally as these relations constitute a hindrance to the business processes and do not allow business to reach its purpose for which business exists. Business has to neglect certain relations, for these relations are not binding and are not politically formulated but prevail in the moral, religious and social spheres which support business, however not to the extent of its viability. Business’s viability rests in the profit margin. It does define not only the exchange substance of the business but its spawning and longevity. The absence of the adequate profit margin is a final phase in its existence while the average and above-average returns make business real. Conflict flares up around the rate of return in its mean values in the shape of the competition. This objective conflict is being resolved through the struggle in which various kinds of business namely industrial, banking and rental businesses participate. Overlapping interests of these kinds of business, which rest in the rate of return, bring conflict to life. This conflict is resolved not by the business alone although the resolution potential is not being ruled out for the business. Contractual forms of the agreement and compromise are cultivated but only to the extent in which their direct and economically defined correlation is presented. State is presented in the place where business is the result of the autonomous and slightly dependent relations. In this case state restricts the heat of the struggle to the extent which is adequate for the economic development. While entering into relations with the business, state tempers the conflict however it gives rise to the additional conflicts which start to accompany business and find their resolution both within and beyond the legal fold. Business, accompanied by the constant conflict, is induced into the risk zone of bankrupting both due to the loss in the competition for the rate of return and due to the unreasonable demands of the state towards the business. Risks for the business become logical and real effect of the conflict, legitimized form of which is the competition.


business; conflict; competition; struggle; state; risks


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