Partisan War in Columbia

Г. И. Коларов


In the article is analyzed the long partisan war in one of biggest and most significant latin-american states — Columbia. It started after the Second World War and was the first in Latin America between the Marxist guerrilla and the state army. It is continued to our days, under the shadow of pacification of the other coun¬tries from the region and so could «left round», when ex-guerrilla and other left radicals are transformed in left centrist politicians. Part of Columbian guerrilla is included in the peace process and in the political life in the state of democracy. Now guerrilla is continued only from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia — FARC (Marxists — Leninists) and the Army for National Liberation (guevarists).


revolution; partisan war; left radicals; democracy; army; resistance; policy; conflict; ideology; transformation

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