HE IS NOT THERE, BUT HE IS ALWAYS WITH US (dedicated to Aldaganov Musa Magometovich)

Н. Г. Гузынин


The article attempts to express the grateful memory of a bright personality and a wonderful person, a talented philosopher and conflictologist, an active and caring politician Aldaganov Musa Magometovich. His relatively short life path, which was so tragically and unexpectedly interrupted for everyone who knew him, absorbed a lot of good deeds, significant achievements and events, plans and aspirations, not all of which were realized. The life credo of Musa Aldaganov was the struggle against social evil, injustice, lies as a prerequisite for the affirmation of goodness, justice, truth and truth in life. In fact, this is what Musa devoted his entire difficult and bright life to. He was inherently inherent in the most important quality — the art of relentless communication with a variety of listeners and opponents. Entering into endless dialogues with others, he asked samples of the ability to conduct long conversations, while at a high level of interest and without the slightest degree of fatigue. Target the installation of his most interesting conversations with his interlocutors was focused on the enlightenment of their consciousness, when they vaguely understood the complex twists and turns of politics, economics, social issues, conflict situations. At the same time, enlightening the minds of his interlocutors, and, above all, students, he did this by instilling in them the skills and abilities to think correctly. He believed that enlightenment at the end of the “tunnel” of students' minds from confusing and complex problems and questions is possible only through the formation of the ability and ability to think independently. He was struck by his extraordinary analytical gift for non-trivial thinking and unraveling complex “Gordian knots” of conflictological problems. In the intricate intricacies of diverse situations and events, he was able to see the main thing and through its isolation, he continued to carry out their logically consistent and reasoned analysis. In his scientific works and articles, he has always used the principle of determinism and on its basis when considering conflictological problems revealed, as substantive, property relations and socio-economic interests, and from them algorithmically deduced a wide variety of processes, trends and consequences. In such a logic of consideration, one can see a certain one-sidedness, which leaves in the shadow of the analysis the cultural content of interests, property relations, activities and social relations. After all, without such a filling, actions, deeds, relationships, interests will not have a positive and capable enough character. But this is how Musa Magometovich thought, and his socio-philosophical and conflictological views, like any deep analyst, did not claim infallibility. In general, his teaching craft and pedagogical skills, creative search for truth through the prism of the conflictological paradigm of the difficult-to-solve contradictory realities of Russian reality deserve high praise. The image, deeds, deeds and works of Musa Mahometovich Aldaganov as a great man and a talented thinker will live in our hearts and memory.


conflictology; conflict; paternalism; innovation; privatization; property; dialogue; social contract; civil society; alienation; culture


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