Е. Е. Куваева, Д. А. Абгаджава


Modern practices of life in megacities demonstrate the possibility of the emergence in this environment of various urban conflicts, which within the framework of this urban space acquire new forms, and the constant adaptation of their participants to changing conditions. The article is devoted to the identification and analysis of factors that contribute to the emergence and development of conflicts within this urban space. It is noted that such factors as social inequality, namely the distribution of public goods and externalities, are of great importance in conflicts; high level of distrust; spatial configuration of the environment; deviance. Considerable attention is also paid to gentrification as a factor of class and ethnic tensions. It is noted that the conflict in the metropolis has a high potential to develop into violence. The authors speak about the need for prevention, management and resolution of conflicts. Urban governance is considered as an integral part of the management and resolution of conflicts, as well as their consequences. Attention is paid to such elements of effective urban governance as city-state interaction, municipal potential, the role of the private sector, political systems and institutions. Notes that the most effective response to emerging problems can be carried out at the local level of the city, where it is possible to apply various types of democracy.


metropolis; city conflict; social inequality; deviation; mistrust; conflict management


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