Е. Н. Иванова, П. И. Андрианова


The article is concerned with the topical problem of domestic mediation practice widening due to technological mediator’s tools enrichment through narrative mediation methods. Profoundly developed methodical narrative mediation techniques allow to cope with the problems arising during mediation process which are not to be resolved by the standard set of mediation tools which are included in the ordinary basic course of mediators’ preparation in the framework of dominating in Russia facilitative mediation. This leads to narrowing circle of mediable (suitable for being resolved by mediation) cases and decreasing quality and sustainability of agreements made with assistance of professional mediators. Despite narrative methods high efficiency their implementation in Russian practice is extremely insufficient. The survey showed that еру lack of knowledge and in this sphere is the main factor limiting application of narrative methods. It was revealed that many of limiting perceptions of narrative methods complexity, excessive psychology, incompatibility with traditional set of facilitative mediators’ tools do not have objective basis. Mediators’ practices analysis showed narrative methods high efficiency in overcoming typical difficulties domestic mediators meet. The authors conclude its necessary to widen practical mediators teaching basic narrative methods to develop and spread mediation in our country.


narrative methods; practices; barriers for implementation; mediators; potential; efficiency


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.31312/2310-6085-2022-17-2-19-26


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