Е. В. Павлова, А. Г. Будрин, А. Н. Сунами


The article examines the problem of the lack of marketing tools in the context of the growing conflict potential of the digital world. The authors analyze how, in connection with the commercialization of social networks, changes occur in the relationship between the producer and the consumer, where the latter, with the help of one review, gains power over the reputation of the whole company. In this regard, there is an increasing need, when releasing a product to the market or advertising, to carefully analyze not only the interests of the target audience and legal aspects, but also the social and political environment. Using the conflictological approach of L. Krisberg and K. Boulding and marketing conflict theory by A. Ries and J. Trout, the authors consider the concept of conflict in marketing and identify the main conflict aspects of digital marketing, such as unfair partnership, advertising, social context, compliance with ethical ideas, public perception, competition, digital technologies and artificial intelligence. The authors come to the conclusion that it is the conflictological approach that is needed to level the listed aspects and reduce the conflict potential of digital marketing. As a measure to anticipate possible risks and losses for companies, a program called "Conflict Audit" is proposed, which is based on the collection, analysis and assessment of the target audience, drawing up recommendations on interaction with the consumer based on the data obtained, as well as analyzing the social context, anticipation of possible risks and losses and the creation of a pool of methods for predicting and preventing conflict. Conflict audit is designed to increase the level of financial efficiency of marketing activities by reducing reputational losses and the costs of participating in a conflict with consumers.


digital marketing; conflictogenic; risk; conflict audit


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