Conflict-Making infrastructure of Regional Political Competitiveness in Russia (on Case of Nizhegorodskaya Oblast)

А. В. Дахин


On the case of Nizhegorodskaya oblast’, the article is focused on analysis of contemporary features of political environment in Russia. It shows, that character and dynamics of regional political regimes activity is under hard influence of conflict-making infrastructure of regional administrative-political space, that are moved by competitive business-groups interests in budget funding for the State programs for the regions, and interests in profitable enterprises management. Stile of political regimes, «federal center — regions» relations, features of regional political elites are under the pressing of the conflict-making infrastructure, that keep one’s balance between institutionalization and de-institutionalization.


conflict-making infrastructure; regional political regime; regional administrative-political space; regional political process; regional political competitiveness; Nizhegorodskaya oblast’

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