Political Science Innovations in Context of Social and Humanitarian Innovatics

А. М. Старостин


The article provides philosophical-methodological and philosophical-axiological analysis of the sphere of the applied researches and development of social and humanitarian character (social and humanitarian innovatics — SHI). The article presents cognitive matrix, which is authentic to the social and humanitarian innovatics (concepts of «sense», «understanding», «interpretation», «values», «discourse», «text», «context», «meaning»). The article also emphasizes the importance of axiological orientation of social and humanitarian innovatics (symbolically designated as «grey», «black», «white»). It reveals three basic models of SHI. In this context the article presents the assessment of the domestic system of political sci¬ence innovations and indicates two main conditions for the increase of its efficiency.


social and humanitarian innovatics; political science innovatics; axiological orientation of social and humanitarian innovatics; models of social and humanitarian innovatics structuring; conditions of authenticity of political science innovatics

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