Socially-Sinergetichesky Potential of Strategy of National Safety of the Russian Federation

В. П. Шалаев, М. Г. Петрушков


In article the phenomenon of national safety of a modern Russian society is investigated. In the centre of attention of article scientific approaches to understanding of national safety, and also socially-synergetik potential of strategy of national safety of a modern Russian society. As a Faktologichesky basis of research the analysis of operating strategy of national safety of the Russian Federation, confirmed by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation has acted on May, 12th, 2009. Research of a modern condition of Russian world as which authors understand diverse unity of the Russian and Russian-speaking world’s population united by space of Russian and Russian culture, in the essence being uniting form of existence of many people connected by the general historical destiny with the Russian society became the main problem of article. The carried out analysis has allowed authors to draw a conclusion on extreme calls and deep destructive processes which Russian world it has appeared is subject during the epoch which has followed disintegration of the USSR and come globalisation.In article destructive consequences and threats to development of Russian world in the field of a regional policy, economy and culture are investigated. Russian world is considered by authors as the general factor of safety not only Russian and Russian-speaking population in theworld, but also the major factor of national safety of the most Russian society. The analysis of destructive processes and collecting of Russian world, as general factor of national safety of Russia in the globalized world became the major aspects of research. The factor of Russian world is considered in unity with the factor of the Civil society in Russia. As a methodological basis of research the approach, allowed to formulate unity of a civil society and Russian world as major condition and simultaneously the major factor of national safety and strategy of a sustainable development of a modern Russian society has acted synergetik.


national safety; Russian world; civil society; synergetik the approach; strategy of development of Russia

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