Conflicts of Religious Identity in Globalized World

О. В. Добродум


Conflicts of Religious Identity in a Globalized world can be determined by the processes occurring in the field of Politics and Religion, as well as the fact that xenophobia often permeates the Culture in its different aspects. Features of the Religiosity of the first decade of XXI century are rather contradictory, being presented as non-church, multi-faith, prophetic, charismatic, neo-spiritualistic, neo-Gnostic, transcendental, non-institutional, private, systematic, de-confessional, pantheistic, etc., and its activity is shifted towards the global South. «Theology of buffet», Religion of «hot tub», Gospel of «full refrigerator», trends of Religious bricolage, charismatization (pentacostalization) of Religion, bicyclesand tent-evangelism, missionary work in the style of reggae and hip-hop, such phenomena of Religious life as Lite-church, Lite-gospel, McGod, McFaith, McChurch etc. become the metaphors of the Modernity.

Religious identity of our time appears in the diversity of its definitions — as diffuse, minimal, poor, secular, almost a Religion, like Religion, a Religion for «dummies», 3D/4D/5DReligion, multimedia Religion, 24/7-Religion (24 day, 7 days a week), new mass Religion of Media space etc. Western culture has adapted exotic oriental tradition, creating surrogates such as «liberal Euro-Islam», «Sufism-lite», «Zen Buddhism for Dummies», «nirvana for the uninitiated», «Taoism in 90 minutes», «instant enlightenment» under commercial project of the «spirituality-lite» in the style of «karma-Cola.» Such new forms of Religious organization as mega-church, virtual and online church, informal church community, small religious groups are created. Designs of image, forming of intentions, actualization of tradition and congruence to the modern trends are actualized for a religious organization in the Postmodern epoch.


conflict; religious identity; contemporary world; globalization; politics; religion; culture; postmodern; churches

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