Constructive Management at University of Conflict Innovative Development

А. М. Митяева


In the article the conflict of innovative development are considered as an organic element of the innovation process in the University. They arise in the course of self-regulation of the University, the transition from not proven obsolete models of organization of educational activity, to the new, the most adequate to the challenges of modernity. Therefore they should be considered as a natural phenomenon with great constructive potential. But, while necessary elements and the innovation development, they can destabilize the innovation process in those cases where management of innovation development is not effective. The conflict of innovative development of the University is induced by the contradictions arising in the process of interaction and vzaimodeistviya main subjects of higher education space: the administration, faculty, staff, students. However, conflict interaction always actualizes the problem of analysis of relations and of relations arising in the course of development and introduction of innovations. Hence, the innovation process is possible to consider as a dynamic system of interactions, i.e. interaction of people with different, often opposite types of receptivity to innovation, innovative readiness, the different types of innovative behavior. In turn, the degree of readiness of employees of the University for innovation, predisposition to participate in the innovation activity, the level of innovation activity is defined as innovative disposition. As important indicators of the innovation process in the University, can be identified: the attitude of employees of the University for innovation and innovation values; the disposition of the subjects of innovative development; susceptibility to innovations; the level of innovation activity of the employees of the University; its readiness to develop innovations. Quantitative characteristics of the indicators allow us to determine sociological indicators of the innovation process in the University. The purpose of management of innovative University is the integration of educational process and scientific research on the basis of which is, on the one hand the development of creative abilities of learners, preparation of specialists of high class, and on the other hand — the creation of high technologies, introduction of them into practice, which is confirmed by results of a study conducted by the Centre for conflict resolution. The data obtained indicate the presence of the faculty and staff of the University formed the innovative competence, contribute to improving the quality of education.


conflict; innovation; management innovation University; centre for conflict resolution

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