Review for Teaching Aid «Introduction Into Political Theory» (Edited dy B. Isaev)

Г. Г. Газимагомедов, А. И. Стребков


In the review is analyzed new teaching aid «introduction into the political theory» edited by B. Isaev, which left in 2013 in the St. Petersburg publishing house «Piter». The need for the release of new teaching aid is caused not only by change of the period of the instruction of student- humanitarians in VUZ (Institute of Higher Education) and by introduction of new state standard, but and, most importantly, — by large changes in the contemporary world policy and the political theory, in the policy and the political theory of Russia. Did not forget the authors of teaching aid and this important theme of contemporary life as conflicts. In special chapter «contemporary theories of conflicts», written to by prof. Eliseev S. M., is presented the conflicting paradigm of world view and conflict as the method of communication. In this chapter are compared such approaches to a study of conflict as structural-functional (E. Dyurkgeym, T. Parsons and other) and positive- functional (L. Kozer, R. Darendorf and other), are presented the theories of conflict I. Galtung, T. Garr, S. Khantington, the general theory of the conflict of K. Boulding. In the separate paragraphs the discussion deals with the specific character of contemporary ethnopolitical conflicts, the conflicts «new generation» and with the global conflicts. Special attention to the methods of regulating the most diverse conflicts is paid. In many chapters of teaching aid the authors consider the important role of conflicts in understanding of various problems of contemporary policy and they rest, including on the conflictologic theories. If we speak about vostrebovannosti of the criticized textbook by students-conflictologs, then, taking into account its politological directivity and sufficiently capacious conflictological content it is possible to say that it will be especially useful for the preparation of political conflictologics.


the teaching aid of the third generation; state standard; сonfliсtological paradigm; conflictological theories; conflict as the method of communication; the students conflictologics


Введение в политическую теорию: Учебное пособие. (Стандарт третьего поколения для бакалавров) / Под ред. Б. А. Исаева. СПб.: Питер, 2013. 432 с.

Теория политики: Учебное пособие / Под ред. Б. А. Исаева. СПб.: Питер, 2008. 464 с.


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